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The Baltic Fund for Nature (BFN) was established in 1995 as a section of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists. The name of our organisation reflects its goal, which is the integration of the efforts of non-governmental and state organisations in the preservation of biological diversity in the Russian part of the Baltic Sea catchment area.

The Baltic Fund for Nature is actively contributing to the development of the network of nature conservation organisation in the North-West Russia, promoting international collaboration in the field of conservation of the biodiversity and the unique ecosystems of the Baltic region and the North-West region as a whole. In 2000 BFN, as part of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists, became the first member organisation of the International Union for Conservation of Nature in the region.

The Baltic Fund for Nature is currently working in the following directions:

  1. Promoting practical application of scientific research results; involvement of Russian experts in implementation of international environmental projects and programmes in the North-West Russia;

  2. Promoting the development of protected areas’ network in the North-West Russia;

  3. Promoting and supporting the development of nature-friendly and sustainable economy, including environmentally safe agriculture, in the North-West Russia;

  4. Supporting environmental education and awareness in the region, including the development of eco-tourism;

  5. Collaborating with state institutions and local authorities via exchange of environmental information, consulting and promoting the development of strategies and action plans on biodiversity preservation, research and other nature conservation activities.

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о Балтийском море

Морская свинья - единственный представитель Китообразных в Балтийском море. В начале ХХ века это млекопитающее изредка встречалось в районе Кронштадта. За последние 50 лет ученые зафиксировали встречи морской свиньи в водах Эстонии (1961 г) и Финляндии (Котка, 1990-91 гг).

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